The gifts made by our company
- can be bought in the House of Terror opened in 2002. in Budapest.



burnished aluminium Lenin

gipsum-aluminium Lenin-head

Acrilate Lenin-head, with gravel, sand, screw, paper-clip, and fittings inside

fancy candle

fancy candle

fancy candle

burnished brass bottle opener

aliminium paperweight

aluminium magnet for the refrigerator

man with hammer- ceramine statue

wall plaquette by the embossing in he staircase of the museum

beton-acrylate candlestick

a prideful member of ther worker's militia, alu-moulding

bianco warrant, can be write out on any name

fat-brick made by the inspiration of the fat-room in the museum


Absolutely Handmade: every pieces are different!

These products are for the order of the Museum, but the scale of the materials inside can show how wilde the palette is.
Lo some example what kind of materials can be put into them:
Bottle cap of felt tip pen, broken auger, a piece of  a hypo, spiral o fan incandescent lamp, key of a door lock, tooth of a baby, tooth o fan adult, mustache of a cat, cuttered nail, female screw, bus ticket from London, metro ticket from Vienna, pack of a condom, the condom itself, diode, microprocessor, press-button, micro swich,bullet, piece of a rock, the photo of the lover, eye of a teddy bear, a dead wasp, a dead fly, piece of a wire, written text, printed text, a parfume tester with parfume in it and anti-baby pills for example, and the groaty covering letter starting with:,,regarding the risks and side-effects…,,from a box of a winter- use vitamin…and we can go on with this list till dark.

U cant put into it a living wasp and a spare tyre or estinguisher or a telephone because they are too big and  the wasp would die in the acrylate.

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